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Dental Implants

Implant Dentistry Sierra Smiles

The Function of a Natural Smile

At Sierra Smiles Reno, implant dentistry is one of our specialties. We’re committed to making sure you feel comfortable and relaxed in our office. Therefore, when you’re facing a major procedure like implants, we want to meet your needs right here, in the office you trust. Cone beam technology gives us an extensive scan of your mouth and teeth, allowing us to determine the best treatment plan. Our expert team will both secure the implant in your jaw and place the restorative crown, restoring your smile back to how it once was!

[ Implant-Retained Dentures ]

Sierra Smiles Reno offers implant-retained dentures, generally using the All-on-6 procedure. This procedure holds dentures in place using six implants, providing an efficient and cost-effective method of restoring a smile lost due to missing teeth.  Implant-retained dentures are more comfortable and secure than traditional dentures. You never have to worry about embarrassing slippage. You can enjoy all your favorite foods without dentures getting in the way. Cross adhesives and pastes off your shopping list permanently since there’s no need for these sticky substances. Implants also help you look more like you, preserving the bone structure in your face and jaw and lessening fine lines and wrinkles near your mouth by providing lip support lost due to missing teeth.

If you’re considering implants, talk to any one of our highly trained team members. We’ll discuss all available procedures with you and help you determine a treatment plan that’s right for you. Your smile is not gone for good. You may just need our help to bring it back.

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