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Periodontal Treatment Reno

Healthy Gums. Healthy Smile. Healthy Life.

Oral Systemic Link

The oral-systemic link means if your gums are not in good health, it can have a significant impact elsewhere in your body leading to lowered immunity and increased infections. This is because your gums act as a barrier or defense against inflammation that can cause issues and damage internally if disease or gingivitis is present. Over the years, the oral-systemic link has become more widely recognized among dental offices like ours. We wholeheartedly believe in the importance of getting and keeping your gums healthy due to scientific evidence showing linking periodontal (gum) disease to diabetes, heart disease, respiratory infections, kidney problems, premature births, stroke, and low birth weight in babies. We want every patient to enjoy a long, healthy life with a smile they’re proud to show off!

Periodontal Therapy

Gum disease can have many common side effects such as pain, bleeding, swelling, shifting teeth, loose teeth, bad breath, and more. If your gums go untreated, you could be opening up the rest of your body to an increase in damaging infections, inflammation, and disease. At Sierra Smiles Reno, we go out of our way to detect gum issues early so we can get the problem under control and get your smile healthy again. We have in-office procedures and medications to help begin the periodontal treatment process. Sierra Smiles Reno also uses Perio Protect® for a more comprehensive approach to gum disease therapy that allows you to place medication in a comfortable tray that you wear at home for a few minutes a day to help keep treatment going outside of the office. Click the Perio Protect logo to learn more about how the process works.

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Periodontal Disease

Periodontitis or periodontal/gum disease is a common preventable oral infection that your dentist at Sierra Smiles Reno sees all too often among patients of all ages. In fact, the Mayo Clinic estimates that more than 3 million cases of gum disease are diagnosed by dental health professionals across the US annually. Periodontitis can lead too bad breath, bleeding gums, tooth loss, and it’s been linked to serious health issues within the rest of the body. Our team has the advanced training and technology to clean your teeth and provide additional medications and ongoing therapy to get rid of gum disease for good.

Laser Dentistry

Powerful, yet gentle laser treatments have revolutionized the way dentists treat not only gum disease, but other oral health issues too. The Sierra Smiles Reno team is proud to rely on the Ezlase dental laser for easy removal of the harmful bacteria that’s built up in your gum tissue pockets leading to periodontitis. If this treatment option is right for your smile, you can take comfort in knowing your treatment will be faster with short recovery time and virtually pain-free. If you think you have gum disease or that you may be at risk for developing it, please talk to us. We can create a custom treatment strategy that fits your schedule, your budget, and your smile.