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My husband was a patient here and so I began coming too. My teeth were not as pretty as I would have liked them to be when I first came. I had a couple of fillings that needed to be changed and I also wanted my teeth to be a little whiter. I have to admit that I was a little nervous about the cosmetic care. I’m not from this country and my previous dentist, who was the very best I could find in Tehran always told me that I didn’t need the cosmetic treatments I wanted. He said they would damage my teeth. He was a great doctor, but Dr. Bocchi just made it happen. He did a great job. I love the results and I am so very happy! My experience has been lovely. Honestly this is not an office, this is a spa! You come and get those warm pillows and warm wraps for your hands. Everybody is super friendly. I never had any anxiety going to the dentist but my sister did. Once she walked into the office, all that was gone.  


My teeth were overcrowded and I had an overbite. I had braces before but then my wisdom teeth came in and crowded everything. I was looking for someone who did Invisalign and when I searched for certified dentists online, I found Sierra Smiles! I liked it there so much, I switched to them for my regular dentistry too. Everyone at Sierra Smiles made me feel really comfortable. They went over the full plan, going through everything from start to finish and explaining how everything would be. The Invisalign took about eight months, but it absolutely took care of all my problems. I am really happy with the results!

I love this place. I always tell everyone that going to my dentist is like going to the spa! I especially like the hand wax. I tell my friends, “It’s my spa day today!” on the days I get my teeth cleaned! Everyone here is always so nice, remembering my name and making me feel welcome – I just love them. I now have my mom and my dad and my grandma now all come to Sierra Smiles; I have made everyone switch!


I have been a patient of Dr. Bocchi’s since I was ten and have always felt comfortable. My mom worked here so I knew Dr. Bocchi, and knew he was looking out for me, even when I needed something as serious as implants and veneers. My every experience has been awesome, and I recommend their office to everyone I know.


I have been a patient of Dr. Bocchi for four years and everyone has always been very friendly and kept me absolutely comfortable. It’s such a nice office! My teeth were in terrible condition when I first came to Sierra Smiles, but Dr. Bocchi took really good care of me. He recommended braces and caps to correct my teeth. The entire team kept me informed about my options and what was going to happen and put me at ease. Now that my teeth are restored, I am so happy with the outcome. I would definitely recommend Sierra Smiles to anyone who needs good dental care.


I have been seeing Dr. Bocchi since we moved to Reno about a year ago. Everybody is super nice and really informative.

When I first came to Sierra Smiles, I was in high school and my teeth were a work in progress. I actually have hypodontia, which means that I wasn’t born with enough teeth. The two teeth next to my front teeth were missing and I only had the baby teeth. Dr. Bocchi suggested a number of procedures that would result in natural-looking teeth of the proper size. I had braces when I was younger, and then wore a retainer. In spite of all that, my teeth kind of moved back to where they were, so Dr. Bocchi sent us to another orthodontist.

I had braces for the second time to get me ready for the two surgical procedures I needed. The team was really good about preparing me and telling me what to expect. Plus, all the specialists Dr. Bocchi sent us to were wonderful! Now, I get asked all the time, “Where did you get your teeth done?” I am so happy with the results! My teeth look great!


I started looking for a dentist when I moved to Reno two and a half years ago. I had a dentist up at the lake, but that was pretty far to go for dental maintenance. I was unable to find one, so I went on the web. Sierra Smiles had some great reviews and, amazingly, it turns out that the practice is just about 200 yards from my office! Literally within walking distance! I made an appointment, came in, and I have been a patient ever since.

My smile was in pretty good shape – there were no critical difficulties, but at some point we discussed the idea of doing veneers. I said I was pretty interested in looking at the options. We had a couple of meetings and concluded that I couldn’t do the veneers unless I had my teeth straightened because of my bite. So we went through a little longer process, placing Six Month Smiles braces to correct the bite, and we did the veneers after that. Now my teeth not only look great, they feel great too.


I needed to find a new dentist because mine was no longer practicing. He was recommended by a lady I play golf with who is a hygienist – and not an employee of Sierra Smiles! I had some minor flaws in my smile, but I primarily needed routine care. I was never nervous or apprehensive during any of my care here. Now I have been with Sierra Smiles for over 9 years and I couldn’t be happier!


I have been a patient of Dr. Bocci’s since 2010, when I began working here as an office manager. I needed a few fillings, but I was especially interested in some cosmetic work. Dr. Bocchi always made me comfortable while we were developing and implementing my treatment plan. He explained everything and had a lot of before and afters to show me so I knew exactly what I was going to be getting.

My experiences at Sierra Smiles have been so good! I got to know everyone on a personal basis and during the two years I worked here, I grew to love all of them. Honestly, seeing them work with patients the way they did, and treat them with such compassion and warmth, was great. I would recommend this practice just based on their quality of care, professionalism, and the results they have. I think they care about their patients on a deeper level – and I can truly say that because I was privileged to be part of it.